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Also Island Virgin Coconut Oil

Virgin Coconut Oil of the highest quality is in production at Also Island.  Our patented process produces the finest, purest Virgin Coconut Oil in Fiji. 

Our processing tools and utensils are food-quality stainless steel, and every care is taken in the processing to maintain the purity of the original oil direct from the coconut.

The Also Island Virgin Coconut Oil production is a self-sustaining enterprise, providing valuable employment and work experience for our Fijian villagers.

To boost production while increasing the purity of the oil, Jim Bandy of Also Island has invented a machine to aid in the processing of the oil.  This machine is called a Rotary Warm Air Dryer (RWAD)

The History Behind Also Island Virgin Coconut Oil

We first became interested in Coconut Oil as a bio-fuel. Not knowing much about it, we first investigated making copra oil and tried to acquire funding for a small copra mill and bio-fuel plant. We were unsuccessful in finding funding but, in the process discovered Virgin Coconut Oil (VCO).

After learning the health benefits of VCO, we decided to try our hand at producing VCO. Recent research shows Virgin Coconut Oil to be the best cooking oil, has great medicinal benefits taken as a food supplement and is popular as a skin and hair treatment. It is also used as a supplement in producing other foods such as ice cream and in cosmetic products.

Virgin Coconut Oil is quite different from traditional coconut oil made from copra.  The process is too expensive to use the oil as fuel. Further, the oil is really catching on and it will bring a much better price than fuel oil.

It was not easy to find good equipment for VCO processing. In the end I either built my own equipment or modified other equipment and developed my own.

We have had our oil tested and the results were very good. It is a product and process that fits well with small operations. It is fairly labor intensive and can be done in the village setting with a relatively small investment. We now have a complete complement of equipment and a process that works, as proven by the test results of the oil.



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