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Also Island VCO Processing Equipment

The problem with existing Fijian coconut oil processes is that much of it is not sanitary enough for food-quality coconut oil, and/or it applies enough heat to the process that it changes the nature of the coconut oil. 

Coconut oil processing is very sensitive to heat.  The traditional pressing method, using a screw press, causes the heat of the coconut/oil to rise up over 80 degrees C.  This small rise in temperature significantly changes the chemical properties of the oil, and the resulting oil is no longer considered Virgin Coconut Oil.

Our first big improvement at Also Island was to construct food-grade stainless steel implements to ensure no contaminants are introduced into the process.  This included a stainless steel coconut scraper, and a stainless steel pressing station.

Jim Bandy and his
Rotary Warm Air Dryer

But the biggest improvement in our process was with the introduction of our Rotary Warm Air Dryer, that I designed and built.

This dryer is used to gently dry the shredded coconut to exact specifications for moisture level, without raising the temperature over 50 degrees C.

After a production run with the prototype dryer, we had our VCO tested, and the results are amazing.  We can truly say that we have the purest coconut oil in Fiji.

A complete VCO processing system, including my patented dryer, is now for sale to interested parties.  See the Making Virgin Coconut Oil page for pictures of our equipment in use.

Please contact Jim Bandy at alsoisland@gmail.com, if you are interested in purchasing our VCO equipment.



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