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Making Virgin Coconut Oil

Our VCO process begins with FRESH coconuts.  They must have fallen off the tree within the past 14 days for us to accept them.

Mature Coconuts on the Tree

Unloading Coconuts at Also Island

The next step is take the husks off and open the coconuts.  Our villagers have been husking and opening coconuts since they were children.  With these simple traditional tools, they can husk and split open a coconut in about 30 seconds.



Next, the coconut meat is scraped from the coconut halves.

Also Island Coconut Scraper

Our Scraping Station

In our old process, we would dry the shaved coconut meat on a hot plate.  This had to be controlled and tended carefully, to make sure the coconut meat dried evenly, and without the temperature getting too hot.

Drying on a Hot Plate
(the old way)

New Rotary Drier
(the new way)

The final step in the process is to gently press the scraped and dried coconut meat to extract the oil.  Again, we have designed and produced our own stainless steel presses, both for cleanliness and efficiency of operation.


Pressing the Oil

Our Specially-Designed Presses


The Finest, Purest Virgin Coconut Oil in Fiji



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